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The Search For Goodfic
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Welcome to the feedback community!

It works like this. Every member has to comment on and rec at least one story each week, five at the most. That's four stories a month. And each member puts their recs under a tag, so people who agree with your tastes can just go to "recs: yournamehere."

So, what do you get out of it? At the end of each month, the mod checks your tag to see if you've recced at least four stories. If you have, I post a masterlist of the fic you've written for that month. It would, of course, be good manners to check out your fellow reccers' stories. At the end of the month, I'll post a screened post where you post your masterlist in a comment, which I'll then post on the first of the month.

Why? Because people are so afraid of badfic that they tend to only read the BNFs. So another rule would that you can't rec a story by anyone who has more than two hundred friends. Maybe two hundred and fifty. With this comm we bring up the amount of comments, spotlight goodfic, and end the iron grip of fear that the BNFs have on fandom. Go Team Venture!


1. If you read something, have the courtesy to comment on it. Comment on what you rec, even if it's just a copy of your rec.

2. If you're commented on, many people expect you to comment on the comment. I'll be putting guides to rules 1 and 2 in the memories shortly.

3. Don't like. Don't read. Don't fucking flame.

4. Try to find new authors. Go out of your safe zone to find reccable fics. If you rec the same people or person all the time, I'm gonna start to wonder if you're a sock puppet and then I'm going to have to check IP addresses... big hassle.

5. If you don't think it's too tacky (I guess this would really fall under the suggestions tab, but hell if I'm making another list), include a watermark when you comment on a fic that's been recced or that you're reccing. Just in the title of the post put "Here from Recced 'Em" or something along those lines. Although the word is not legs, spread the word.

6. All fics are acceptable for reccing, including chan, incest, non-cons, and whatever the hell Sam/Bumblebee is. Length, rating, and genre do not matter. At this time, fan art and fanvid recs aren't allowed.

7. Reccing from other sites like Fanfiction.net is accepted and encouraged. Have you tried to find goodfic on the Pit? I need all the help I can get!

8. Don't rec BNFs. They get enough love as is and this comm is about giving love to underfriended fic writers. That means anyone with under two hundreds friends, which is a completely arbitrary (but round) number.

9. Don't self-pimp. That's what the master-list at the end of the month is for. Think of it this way: Pimp four fics by other people and then you get to pimp every fic you wrote for the month. That's a good rate of exchange.

10. Put two tags on every rec. One for you, so people who like your taste in fic can find your recs more easily (recs: yournamehere) and one for the fandom you're reccing (fandom: yourfandomhere). Check the tags to make sure we don't double-up on Battlestar Galactica tags or whatever.

11. The Internet is Not Serious Business. Act accordingly.

12. Newbies, check the memories section. Everything you need to get started should be there.