A Very Tired Fangirl :) (jij) wrote in recced_em,
A Very Tired Fangirl :)

DC Universe Rec: "Necessary Force"

"Necessary Force" is technically a WIP, but I know it's finished, so the more encouragement the author has to post it soon the better!

paxwolf is one of my favorite writers, and this series is set during the Waid/Morrison JLA run and evokes it uncannily--I swear, I feel like I'm reading a lost TPB that's just been published.  She writes action scenes and group interactions like no one I know, right down to fantastic depictions of Aquaman and Plastic Man--not exactly characters most people take the time and effort to get tone-perfect.  It's gen with slashy undertones, but nothing more than you can find in canon (and I mean Waid and Loeb-style canon, not Devin Grayson).

I love this series very much and urge you all to give it a look.
Tags: fandom: dc universe, gen
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