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Harry Potter Rec: A Mary-Sue Alphabet

So, ever read an HP Mary-Sue fic? Oh, c'mon, I'm sure you have. At least two thirds of all the HP fic out there is Sue fic. It's a plague that's almost impossible to avoid.

That said, if you've actually never come face-to-face with a Sue fic... you won't find this little ditty nearly as comical, because, you see, it's A Mary-Sue Alphabet. That's right, twenty six different Mary-Sue themes in twenty-six little picture-book style poems and oh how I laughed and laughed when I read them.

As a snippet, here's the "A".

A's for Amanda
Our hero's twin sister
Got lost as a baby
And gosh, how he missed her
He always suspected
He had a half lacking
He set off to find her
By magical tracking
So now they're together
And smiling a lot
Too bad that the story's
Got no trace of plot
Tags: fandom: harry potter, gen
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